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Welcome to Southern Maine Labradoodles in the beatiful state of Maine. We are a small breeder of Labradoodles here in New England.

We breed miniature and medium Australian/American Labradoodles.  Our two founding females are pure American and all of our studs have been Australian. All of our breeders are family pets that live in our home with us or in their ownguardian home.  This way they can retire with the family they grew up with.

Bella and her baby girlOur pups are socialized with adults and children of all ages starting at about 4 weeks. We have personally found Labradoodles to be amazing dogs. Labradoodles are loyal, playful, extremely smart and great members of the family. You can train them to do just about anything with the right training.

Labradoodles often have low to no shed coats and usually are allergy friendly. But be aware there are no guarantees that they won't shed. Our goal is to do our best to produce non shedding or the lowest shedding pups that we can. In the 10 years I have been doing this we have so far not produced any shedders.

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Puppies have arrived

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I took my family on a long over due vacation. We haven't gone away together in 5 years. So this two week vacation was so much fun. We enjoyed the sun and all the activity of Florida.  So many memories were made and my children bonded in new ways. Some fears were concored and lots of laughs were had by all. Great vacation all around.

Found out Tuesday via xray that Yazmen is having 6 puppies.

Yesterday Yazmen was very quiet. She stayed on the couch and only moved from one side to the other. I knew it was time. So after the family went to bed, I sat with her and massaged her belly and talked to her. I brought her whelping box into the livingroom from the nursery and she climbed right in. It always amazes me how once they have had a litter they just know to go into the whelping box.

She just sat there looking deep in thought. So I tried to get some rest. Yeah anyone that has sat with a dog in labor know that is not going to happen. It is a very noisey and busy process of preperation.  Yazmen moaned a little and was such a trooper. She makes it look easy.

2:20   Boy (blue collar)  he is round and very quiet.

2:50   Boy (green collar)

3:30   Boy (red collar) 

3:36   Boy (orange collar)  Ok I really need a girl. THis is Yazmens last litter and I need to keep one. Lets hope one of the next two is a girl.

Karina (my daughter) is now up with me and giving Yazmen a massage.

4 am and Karina, Yazmen and myself are eating icecream. Yeah that happened. LOL

4:49   Girl YEAH  (pink collar)

5:10   Girl  (purple collar)

Cleaned up the whelping box and moved Yaz and her babies into the nursery. Gave Yaz some food and water. Daughter is off to school and hubby and sons are getting ready for work.  Now I am going to get a couple hours sleep before I have to go and change Yaz's bed again and give her more food. Pictures to come soon.




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"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.”
–Bern Williams

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