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puppies coming now

THis morning Sookie got sick first thing. Then she just lied around and didn't seem to be in labor at all. I took her temp and it was 98.5, which means pups will come soon.  She then started the shaking, almost like they are cold. I put her in her whelping room and she kept going in and out fo the whelping box.  Around 1 pm she passed what looked like a small afterbirth. Called the vet (this was a new one to me) and he said a pup should come within the hour. I took my daughter to her hair appointment down the road and left my 16 year old, who is a firefighter, in charge. He texted me 15 minutes later and said get home now. I asked why and he said  " she is freaking out and so am I."    LOL

    Then he sends me a text,"um their is a puppy and I don't know what to do."

I said is the puppy out of the sack and breathing.


Ok then Sookie is doing what she is suppose to.

"Get home".

Ok on my way.  I call him and he is freaking out because Sookie is carrying the puppy by its head with her teeth. Oh what a good laugh I got. My poor son.

2 pm red girl (pink collar)

2:25 second pup red girl (purple collar)

2:50  red boy  (blue collar)

3:12 red girl (orange collar)

3:59  boy (yellow collar)

5:10  girl (red collar)

5:35  girl (green collar)

All pups are doing good. Now off to make momma some hamburg and rice.  Good job Sookie.


Posted on Feb 19, 2013 in General
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