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Rainy day in Maine

The weather isn't the only thing that is gloomy today.  Things don't always work out the way they should.  Sometimes the best laid plans have a mind of their own.  You have to understand I am so deligent about protecting my girls when I don't want them to have pups. It is honeslty my first priority and my whole family is really good about it too. We all work together to protect the health of our girls. Well today proved we can't control mother nature.  

Sookie who just had pups in February is in heat again. We have kept her and Miles apart for a week now. We rotate them out of their crates and Miles stands guard at her crate when he is out. Kinda sweet actually. Well yesterday Donovan who is a retired stud, in his own way told me Sookie is ready to be bred. So extra careful with Sookie and Miles now.  Put both of them in their crates while I took my new pup to the vets. While I was gone hubby got home from work and did the right thing, put them out individually.   He put Miles in his crate and left Sookie out while he ran to the bathroom. When he came out Miles had broken out of his crate (this is a 15 lb boy who took the door off his crate) and was on the couch tied with Sookie.  I was not happy, but what can you do.   Lets just say Miles and Sookie are both very happy and sleeping now.  Their is nothing like a very detemind in love male dog.

Lets hope no pups from them in 9 weeks. Really wanted to rest her this time.


Posted on Jun 7, 2013 in General
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