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Puppy laundry

Today we had two clients stop by for visits. Love spending time and getting to know soon to be new puppy families.

Tonight Karina and I gave Maggie a bath, boy did she need one. Phew... THen we gently cleansed all 8 pups. It was a great production. We would fill two small metal basins with luke warm water. Bring them into the nursery. Dip one pup into the water and hand scoup some water over its back. THen Karina would dry the pup and I would take that basin back to the kitchen, rinse it and fill it with more water. By the time I get back Karin is on to the second pup and I will finish drying the first.  Then the now clean and dry pup would go into the clean whelping pool.    I then take the second basin of water and to clean it and refill it and on and on it went. All 8 pup were clean and fresh. I will get pictures posted by Saturday. They are little rolly babies. Love love this litter.

We also have Grace here for the weekend hoping to breed her to Miles. Her brother Moxie is also here staying with us until Sunday. My house is full of love, growls (male compitition for Graces time) and tons of dog bowls at dinner time. 

Pictures of pups coming soon.


Posted on Jul 11, 2013 in General
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