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Harley is pregnant

Found out this am that Harley is pregnant with at least 5 pups. I was shocked and pleased. It was definately a planned breeding, but didn't go well so thought we had missed it timing wise.  Dr Lynch knew how anxious I was for this sonogram. She he came into the waitingroom and palpetated her stomach and turned a walked off. I said "you didn't feel any pups did you?"  he kept walking. I said "Dr Lynch answer me" (while laughing) he turned around and said "yeah I felt two" Not funny at all..  Took us to the exam room and did the sonogram. He believes there were 6, but definately 5.    So this puts her puppies due December 13th.   Doing a happy dance.

Graces pups had their check ups today and did great. Everyone is healthy and happy. Got to spend time with each pup individually in the livingroom. Love those moments alone with each pup. Lots of love and cuddles.




Posted on Nov 12, 2013 in General
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