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Sophia's pups went to vets

This morning I took Sophia's pups for their first vet visit. I had two puppy carriages with two pups  in each. Then one pup in a crate. Loaded them in the car. Went back in and got Yazmen who was going in for a progesteron test. No one made a peep the whole ride there. I have never had such a well behaved litter. Dr. L worked on Yazmen first. Then each pup. He does a full exam, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, heart, lungs and rotates the joints. The pups were amazing. Never complained wether on the exam table or waiting their turn in the carriage. Even Jodi and Dr. L kept saying what a great litter they were. Jodi kept trying to talk me into keeping sable boy, because he is so beautiful and sweet. One of the pups was quiet and sweet but she did not like the exam. Tan girl does not like to be held still. I'll work on that. so the boys stayed for neutering and the girls are home running around the livingroom for a bit.


Las night they all had baths and were wonderful. Not one of them complained.  I trimmed their eyes, pads of feet and nails. There was no squirming or resistance.  I am so in love with this litter. The temperaments, boning, coats  and all over looks of this litter is outstanding. 

I had taken pictures but computer was gone a week. So I am taking new ones so I can post pictures of them now. Taking my mom out for a bit. Will do pictures tonight and post tomorrow. I will post all three litters.


Posted on Jan 30, 2014 in General
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