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Yazmens delivering

After a pretty restful night. It is puppy time. Yesterday was day 59 and something told me to sleep on the couch. There was no signs of labor. She was active, eating alot and no panting. So Yazmen took the love seat an I took the couch. 4 am she started panting. I got up got the whelping box ready next to the couch andlied back down. Yaz settled into the whelpinbox and rolled on her back. I massaged her belly, it was hard with contractions, but she showed no discomfort.  She rolled on her side started licking and first baby was born. So calm and easy. Didn't even know she had her.

5:30 cream girl (pink collar)

5:55 apricot boy (blue collar)

Yaz is cleaning them and just so calm. 

Saw hubby and son off to work and another son off to school.

6:58  apricotgirl (purple collar)

7:18 apricot boy (orange collar)

Lola got up 10 minutes ago and ran to the door. I put her out and she stoodin the middle of the deck and was bearing down , so I called her back in. She came in and within a minute broke her watwr on the carpet by the door and delivred a puppy on the freezing tile floor. Tucked a towel quickly under them, as soon as she was free we went back to the whelping box.

8:20 red girl  (yellow collar)

9:30 apricot boy


Posted on Apr 4, 2014 in General
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