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For all ny clients housetraining right now, I am with you. I have Bella Luce (luca) from Yazmen and Ted living here. She is amazing. Smart, gentle and a hoot to watch pkay. She loves the snow so much. She will run up the snow bank lie down and push the snow with her paws, then chase the snowballs down the hill. So darn cute. She has the puppy zoomies at the worst times, when my daughter is trying to getready ror bed or like last night at 1 in the morning. Granted I was up at 1, but geez did she need to decide to run around and bark at her stuffed animals?  At least when I tell her enough she listens. If you raise your voice even slightly to her she runs over to your feet and rolls onto her back.  Her favorite place to be is with my daughter. She went on a car ride Friday and got a little car sick, so she is now going everwere with us so she gets use to driving. Luca is truely a blessing. Holding her has the same effect as holding a newborn baby.


Posted on Feb 15, 2015 in General
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