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Sophia is delivering

Sophia moved in on Monday, had her xray on Tuesday. The xray showed 8 babies. Last night she started panting and digging. Today she seemed better. She was quiet, but atea little and kept herself in the corner ona bed with a stuffed animal. Tonight she never made a sound, I was sitting in the livingroom with her and all of a sudden there was a pup and she got to work doing her job. So I brought the whelping box int the lLRand moved her into it and slid her in the corner.

11:18 black girl  - pink collar

11:54 apricot boy - blue collar

12:05 apricot girl - purple collar

She is  doing great. The pups are calm and all nursing.

12:12 apricot boy - black collar

12:20 cream boy - orange collar

1:17 black boy - tan collar

1:32 cream girl - teal collar

1:51 black girl - white collar

There may be one more so I will try and feed her, wait an hour before I finish cleaning.

Posted on Oct 10, 2015 in General
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