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all 19 babies are doing great

Sookies pups are so much fun now. They are playing and eating and so darn cute.  And oh are they messy. We are working on that one. LOL

Shirleys pups are going to get formula for the first time tomorrow. I think Shirley could use a brake. 9 pups is alot to take care of all by yourself. She isn't complaining but I feel bad for her. They are starting to bark at me when I go into the nursery and all want attention. So much love to share with all of these darlings.

Tootsie is settled in and being an amazing momma.  Her 4 little men are so lively and seem so healthy. I never tire of watching my girls take to delivery and motherhood so naturally. It is such a miracle to watch.

Posted on May 28, 2012 in General
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