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update on orange boy

This morning at 8:15 I took Orange boy into the vets for a complete blood panel and Liver panel. It was really cold so I wrapped him up in a baby blanket. I carried him outside and set him all bundled up in a yellow baby blanket, on the heated front seat.  He didn't move the whole ride, he just stayed were I put him and didn't make a sound.  When we got to the vets and went into the exam room, he did tremble a little.  (memories of Sunday I am sure) Dr L checked all vitals, he even checked his leg muscle control and ability. All was just as it should be. Dr L and Laura took OB out back to draw blood. (they take them out back when they have to draw from the jugler vein.)  I was waiting in the exam room and could hear him cry out. I felt like a new momma. You know that feeling you get when your baby cries and you can't pick them up and support them. That aching in your chest. Yup I got that.  When they brought him back, I cuddled him and he was so sweet.   Dr L said he would call with the result. So I wrapped him back up in that yellow blanket with little blocks on it and off we went. When we went thru the waitingroom everyone "awwed". Yes of course I was holding him like a baby. LOL

Dropped him off at home with his siblings. Then I picked up my mom and got to spend a few hours with her. She is the most amazing woman and such a great support system for me. I am truely blessed to still have her in my life and treasure every moment I get with her.

Late this afternoon Dr L called to tell me that his stool sample was clear and that all of his blood work and liver panel was right were it should be on a puppy of his age. What great news. I am so happy. This boy is a sweet and cuddley boy. Now I can comfortabley offer him to the family that really fell in love with him.

What a happy happy day..

Posted on Jan 11, 2013 in General
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