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Abby is delivering


No Puppies available until the Fall


Abby is at her guardian moms home delivering her puppies. Abby has been resting in her whelping box for the past 24 hours. She would rest and then get up and want to play ball with her mom. Temp dropped yesterday at 11 am, which means pups within 24 hours.  This morning at 10:30 she climbed in the whelping box and chilled out. Around 11 she started contractions and a little shaking. 

11:45 water broke

12:02  its a girl (purple collar)

12:19 a chunky boy  (green collar)

12:37 boy  (red collar)

1:12 boy   (Yellow collar)

everyone is doing great.

1:31 final pup girl  (pink collar)

Happy Birthday babies

Posted on Mar 23, 2020 in General
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