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Puppy baths instead of Bruins

Today was bath day, so I started bathing Lola's pups just before the puck dropped. They got baths, nail trims and vaccinations. I sat down after all this was done and got to watch the last 5 minutes of the game. Can I just say it was the best 5 minutes of the game

here are the highlights of the nine pups

Orange... is sweet, cuddley and calm. He loved his bath. Was still when I trimmed his nails. Stayed in one spot for about 7 minutes when I put him down, then started playing with the toys on the floor. My daughter says he is regal.

Blue... Did good with his bath. Did not like his nails cut. Explored imediately and played right away also. He is very attentive. looks you right in the eye and loves to watch tv or videos. Very Steller.

White... Did ok with bath, great with nails. PLayed good with everyone. Explored and was a joy. He is playful but will calm down when held.

Green.. a little fisty in the bath, but his tail wagged the whole time. Was calm when I trimmed his nailes. Has great eye contact and loved cuddleing with Karina.

Rufus.. did not like his bath and tried to get out of sink.  Did now want to be restrained to have nails done. I think he could hear is siblings and wanted to play. Once on the floor he listened well and played well. He kept climbing on my lap and wanting love.

Red..Awesome in bath and having nails done. Full of kisses. Would not leave Karina alone when on the floor. NOtice the picture of him with his face resting on Karina's.

Pink.. fought a little in the bath then settled. Very calm when I did nails. Loved being in my lap and getting petted.

Peanut was great in tub and for nailes. Spent a lot of his time on my husbands lap and sitting on Karina's shoulder. He is a kisser and cuddler, Complete doll.

Yellow.. Did awesome with everything. She did not complain and did great.

This whole litter roamed around the house, explored and listened great. No one was scared of noises or things or feet. Lots of feet coming and going today and pups followed them all. It was a shuffle shuffle slide kinda day. Took them on the back porch for a few minutes and they loved being outside. Hopefully we have some warm days this week and they get to go outside for a few hours a couple days.

They see the vet (Dr. Lynch) on Thursday.





Posted on May 3, 2014 in General
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