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Lucys pups are 2 weeks old

posted: Apr 17, 2019

The pups are getting fat. Eyes are open and they are belly crawling in the whelping box. One of them did a little bark noise when my husband walked in the room. To cute. Yellow girl has white on her chest and toes. Pink also has white on her chest and toes as well as a spot on her head.  BLue has a little white on his chest and purple is solid red.

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Piper week 4

posted: Mar 12, 2019
Pipers pups are getting little personalities. Still shy but showing signs of fun. Yellow is the smarty pants in the group, she is the only one that has excaped the pen. A couple of them are singers and a couple are a littly shy.  But in a week they will be different. We made there space bigger, gave them toys and we are spending time in the nursery on the floor playing with them. This is the time we really start to get to know them.  Its all fun and games from here on.

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Piper 9 at 1 week

posted: Feb 19, 2019

Pipers babies are doing great. Eyes are just starting to open on two of the pups so the rest should be happening this week. Piper still spends all her time nursing, eating and sleeping right outside the whelping box. She is doing great and so are her babies. This photo shoot went so much smoother then normal. Karina did all the photos while I did the puppy blanket and puppy swap outs.

if you click on the picture you will see black girl, orange girl ect. that is the color of their collar that they were assigned at birth.

The blankets they are lying on will be in their photos each week and will go home with them when they leave. I find it is a great way to gauge growth and then they have a piece of home to go with them.


CHarlie I know you have been waiting for these!

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Piper day 1

posted: Feb 11, 2019

Piper had her 9 puppies. 5 girls andv4 boys


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Moxies pups at 8 weeks

posted: Feb 5, 2019

They are growing so fast. I cannot believe the will be going home starting next week. They are truely a wonderful litter. Everyone of them just as sweet and gentle.



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Luca and Gunner due June 3rd

Sammi and Gunner June 13th

Poppi Summer 2019


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