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Poppi's puppies at 3 weeks

posted: Jul 31, 2019

My camera broke so these were taken with my cell phone and it was entertaining to do. My daughter and I worked together and laughed so hard. Trying to keep 3 week old puppies still is not easy. But on of these pups didn't wake up the whole time. He was out cold.

please ignore that it says samiweek3 below, I miss labeled the file. I promise those are Poppi's puppies. I should not download things onto my website in the evening.

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Abby's pups are 8 weeks

posted: Jun 26, 2019

It is time for the big vet appointment tomorrow and then they will be ready to go home. Today we played outside after bath time and had a blast. Little Archie was afraid to come out the door. The girls tried to get him to come out and play but he just stood in the doorway and watched.  We will work on that. LOL  Don't mind the pictures, they are blury because I took them on my phone.

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Sammi's babies at 2 weeks

posted: Jun 26, 2019

Sammi's babies are two week old and doing great. She is set up in the laundry room for now, So lots of noise and people coming and going. Mom and puppies are doing great. Eyes are just opening and they are starting to get around a little bit. These 4 little angles are perfection.

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Luca's Babies are 3 weeks old

posted: Jun 26, 2019

Eyes are open, they are crawling around on their bellies. Just starting to try and stand. Luca is still being an amazing mom and they are still in Karina's room. She will not let me take them out. She loves waking up in the morning and talking to them and she does the same before bed.  Luca is Karina's baby and she doesn't want her to move to the nursery just yet. Lots of noise and human interaction for this litter.

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Sami's girls

posted: Jun 13, 2019

Sami and her girls


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