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Very busy Spring at SML

This past weekend I was gone for 4 days to a cheering comp. My son Jacob stayed home because he had fire fighter training/testing. So he was left in charge of the 6 dogs and 15 puppies. Here at the house with him was also Maggie, who was due any day. Saturday morning before training Jacob texted me to say Maggies temp had dropped to 97.8. (Which ment puppies sometime that day).  Oh and Sookie is in heat. Poor Jake.  Well Maggie was fine and resting. No signs of labor, so I told him to go to training. He did and did amazing athis testing scored high. Well soon after he got home she started having puppies.Maggie had 10 pups, 5 boys and 5 girls.

So now we have 6 adults and 25 puppies in the house. .

Lolas litter is getting big. I will get the photos downloaded by tomorrow. They are now on dry food only and doin so good on it. PEANUT had a complete physical on Tuesday and he is doing great. Dr. Lynch says he looks healthy in every way. He eats, plays, and every thing medically looks good. He weighed 1.9 lbs. His smallest sibling is 3.1.  He climbed up on my shoulder in the car and sat there on the way home. So darn cute. 

Yazmens litter is so chunky. I will upload their pictures tomorrow also. They are really chunky monkeys. I love how labby they look. They are starting to bark and play with eachother. 


Posted on May 1, 2014 in General
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