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Lola is in labor/ Happy Easter

Lola started labor last night. I slept in our new nursery with her. My middle son movedmout so his old room is our newest nursery.  We made it thru Easter dinner and at 4:10 the first puppy arrived.  She had a oong labor and the birth is going slow so far.

4:10 red/carmel boy. Blue collar.

5:40 apricot girl w/white chest  Pink collar

6:00 apricot boy green collar

6:35 dark spricot girl purple collar

8:15 red boy black collar 

845 red boy  red collar

9:30ish apricot girl.  Orange collarTough delivery on this one. Karina and I fought hard for her.  we did not givenup and I amhappy to say she is doing good now. 

10is apricot boy. Yellow collar.

Lola is resting. She ate drank and is now resting with her 8 Easter babies. 


I think Harleisgoing to deliver tonight.  Reaky Harley, now!

3:45 black girl with white markings pink collar

4:05 black boy  blue collar

6:08 black girl  purple collar

6:30 apricot girl red collar

6:58 apricot girl  green collar 


Posted on Apr 5, 2015 in General
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