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Ruby is ready

Ruby had her xray on Tuesday and she is having 8 or 9 pups. Last night she started panting today it has gotten really heavy. She is pacing and going out a lot. She is pacing and looking for a place to hide. Hoping she starts pushing soon. If no puppies by 8 am, we will go to the vets and have her checked.


11:50 red boy (blue collar)

12:00 red girl (pink collar)

Outside to pee

12:10 red boy (green collar)

Ok this a first. Whe ruby had the first pup she just walked away. Nothing. I cleanded him tied off cord and gave him to her. She took a couple minutes to be like ok I need to clean him. Second and third pups same thing. They were born and she didn't even seem to know they were there.  So guess I am the momma here. Rubyhas decided I should do the messy work and she will cuddle and feed them. Thats ok I got this Ruby.

1:05 red girl (purple collar)

1:12 red boy  (black collar)

1:30 red girl (orange collar)

Ruby is doing her job. LOL I think its because after puppy 5 she could bend. She is such a trooper. 

3:02 red girl (teal collar)

3:55 red boy (red collar)  this pup she had in the middle of the guest bedroom floor. She was asking to leave the room I said no no Ruby. So she walked towards th closet and squated. Out came red boy. What an adventure.

 8 is the final number. After a short nap she is happily taking care of her pups.

Posted on May 15, 2015 in General
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