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Puppies are 4 weeks

Sophia's pups will be 4 weeks old on Sunday. They are finally at the age were they are starting to wrestle, roll around and play. I love this age because I get to interact with them more. This gives me the opportunity to really get to know them. Love these babies.


I will post as the week goes on, what I am observing from them. I already feel who will be a little shy and who will be the friendliest.  Some are more playful and some lazier. I can't wait to spend more time interacting with them.

Sophia is doing great. She is eating like a champ and stays right in the room with them. She comes into the livingroom three times a day for 10 min and wants to go right back with her babies. She comes out long enough to get love and gets back to her duties. She is a natural for sure.

Still have space on her litter.




Posted on Nov 6, 2015 in General
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