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It's finally time

Ruby is finally in labor. At dinner last night she had some trembling, which sometimes indicates the start of labor. Sence 3 am she has been restless and heavy panting. She goes outside every 20 minutes. Keep checking back. Hopefully we have a pup by 1.

It'sIt's 11:30 and she is definitely close. She is panting heavier and more anxious.

5:30 she's pushing

 5:56. Girl pink collar

641 boy. Blue collar

7:01 girl. Purple collar

She was resting so I grabbed a slice of pizzza.  Came back in room and she had a puppy. Puppy was on floor she was in whelping box. It was an interesting couple minutes.

7:50 girl yellow collar. She's smaller then the rest.

9:10 boy green collar

I think she is done. She is resting and all pups are nursing. 



Posted on Jan 20, 2017 in General
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