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Shirley is here

I picked up Shirley from her guardian home last night, so she could come here for delivery. This am we loaded up the car and went to the vets for an xray for puppy count.  I picked her up out of the car and placed her on the ground, she started looking franticly behind her. SO I opened the back door and thanks to my dog proof seat cover I could see a puddle on the back seat. Not sure if it is pee or her water. Into the vets we go and upon watching her I discover she is still leaking, so her water definately broke.

I tell Dr Lynch that they need to do the xray quick, because her water brok. So they whisk her outback, do the xray and come to get me.  I look at the xray and am in awe, there are 9 perfect little puppies on the xray.  Yes she is having 9. So looks like we have a few more to sell then the 4 I have presold.

Here is Shirley on our small couch panting like crazy. Looks like a puppy within the hour.

11:10 first pup apricot girl - pink collar

11:25 second apricot? haven't gotten a look yet. its a girl -purple collar

11:50 another dark apricot girl -  white collar

12:15 apricot boy  - blue collar

12:30 apricot boy -  green collar

 12:53 cream boy - orange collar

1:05 boy - yellow collar

1:35 girl - red collar

2:32 girl - tan collar

I think we are done. Sweet shirley did so good.   Time to make her a mommy shake and give her some nutrients.







Posted on Apr 27, 2012 in General
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