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Puppy baths and vet prep

All 6 of Yaz's pups had their first baths tonight. Everyone did so amazingly.  I trimmed the hair around their eyes, their bottoms and the pads of their feet. No one complained or got upset at all.  The only one who did'nt like me trimming his feet was yellow boy. He squirmed a little but not enough to really matter. After baths the pups played on the livingroom floor with Karina. With Bob, Justin, Ryan and Dan all walking around and watching the Redsox. So lets just say the pups are all Boston fans now.  They all ran around played with toys and people and blue and green even went to the sink and barked for water. How smart is that!! After playing for an hour, we put them back into their room for a late night snack and water. 

After watching this litter extensively over the weekend, I can honestly say their is not a bad one or dominant one in this litter. Usually one of the pups is more pushy or clearly the leader and I could not see that at all. Brown is more outgoing and confidant then the others. Yellow and white are the shy ones but not timid at all. Pink, blue and green are middle of the road and will fit in any family lifestyle.  Everyone of them would curl up on our laps and take a belly rub and fall asleep. I am so very pleased with this litter and each and every one of their personalities. I cannot wait for families to get them home and start loving them and getting their love back. 

Well all 21 pups are fed and sleeping. Two of the 4 kids are in bed, the other two are still watching the Red Sox.  Now to put the 6 adults to bed and get some sleep myself. Tomorrow is the big vet visit for Yaz's babies.  It is a tiring trip to make for sure. I will let you know how it goes. 


Posted on May 7, 2012 in General
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