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Today I have three of Shirley's families coming for visits. Pam is coming at 11, Janis at 1 and Jessica at 2:30.  Makes for a crazy day. Now what do I do with the 7 adult dogs that are living in my house while I visit with these families for  over 4 hours. hmmm.  Normally they would get to play outside, but no, it has to pour all day today. The puppy nursery has a litter, the laundry room has a litter and Karina's room has a litter. Ok I will put Donovan and Sierra in Jakes room. Bella, Sookie and Miles (which will make Miles very upset to be away from me) in my office. Tootsie can stay in Karina's room. Now the problem is going to be Shirley, she is not going to understand why her litter is in the livingroom and she is in the laundry room.  She will probabley bark the whole time.  Lord I hope not.

Tootsies black boys are all looking like they will be sable like momma. I can't wait to see them in a couple weeks.  I will try and get pictures of them tomorrow and put them on the website. Deb I know I said I would get a picture of Gus done yesterday... Sorry, today isn't looking much better. Tomorrow it is going to pour all day and I will work on photos of all puppies.

Now off to finish getting ready before families start arriving. Oh did I mention all 4 of my kids are still in bed and two of them had friends sleep over. Should be interesting.  I love my crazy busy life. I really, really do.   ♥

Posted on Jun 2, 2012 in General
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