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New Maine Puppies

Early this morning Shirley had 8 beautiful red mini babies.   Last night was my daughters 11th birthday party. With a house full of girls Shirley was content and loving all the attention.  We sat down to eat dinner after the girls spa treatments and shirley started shaking. Often a sign that delivery will be soon.  From then on oshe trembled and panted heavily.  She ate a little vanilla ice cream and just sat in her doggy bed.  She had two stuffed animals that she kept in the bed with her. She licked them all night. SOme of the girls went home and some stayed over night. Shirley and I slept in the livingroom (more like relaxed) with the whelping box by our side.  At around 5 am she gave birth to the first pup, a girl, in her doggie bed.  She quickly had another girl. At 5:30 she asked to go out, so out we went. I was following her with a towel and clamps. (it was very cold in a t-shirt and thin pull on sweater)  Yup you guessed it she gave birth to the third pup in the snow.  A boy that I quickly scooped up and wrapped in the towel and quickly put into my shirt. He warmed up and is doing great. By 7:35  she had deliverd 5 girls and 3 boys. Some of the pups have white on their chest, some have white on their heads and some have both.  Mom and babies are dong great. They are resting and eating happily. Hopefully I can catch a nape soon.


Posted on Feb 13, 2011 in General
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