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Puppies due December 13th

Tootsie and Ari were bred yesterday. Expecting medium pups about December 13th. 

Sookie is getting a big belly. She still doesn't act very pregnant. Like a lot of first time moms I think she is just feeling great. She is still playing, running around and doing her acrabats. I'm telling you this girl can leap over things like I have never seen before.  If she was human she will do amazing at Parcore.  The only sign of being pregnant she has, besides the growing tummy, is her desire for food.  Any food that you are eating, cooking, putting away or moving she absolutely wants. She will sit there staring, with her tail wagging, paws dancing and her body just about tembling in hopes that you will drop something or decide she is so cute you will give it to her.  I can't decide is this is really cute or really pitiful.  (I will say she is stinking cute)

Misty's pups are playing and scampering around now. This week we have introduced them to goats milk with baby cereal and they loved it of course. Yesterday they stole some of moms canned food.  Being the good momma that she is, Misty just backed off and let them eat.  Last night Misty slept with me instead of the babies for the first time. When we woke up this AM Misty ran to the nursery door and wagged her tail. I let her in and she ran over to her babies and cleaned them and nursed. I am still amazed to watch the way a momma dog love her babies,  it is such a beautiful thing to watch.

It is a crazy busy Fall season here at SML.  Going to be an absolutely busy Winter here too.

Posted on Oct 7, 2011 in General
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