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Harley is PREGNANT

Harley had her sonogram this am and she is indeed pregnant. Dr H says it looks like a good size litter.  Good job Stewart. This will be Harley and Stewarts first litter and I am so excited about it. I wish I could have filmed her while they did the sonogram. They put Harley on her back in this V shaped pillow and shave her belly.  She was in heaven. There was her mom Michelle and dad Jerry, me and the vet tech Jodi all rubbing different parts of her and Dr H rubbing this warm jell on her belly. She was in heaven. It was like a day at the spa. Then when we saw 4 pups at once and all got so excited, Harleys tail started wagging happily.  It was a great experience to share with her guardian parents. So looks like puppies arriving about February 16th.

Also Yazmen will be bred the end of this week to either Stewart or Miles.


Posted on Jan 9, 2012 in General
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