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Crazy puppy December

Every morning I wake up early, feed Momma Sookie, Momma Yazmen. Change puppy blankets and wipe any messes momma didn't take care of or caused. Then I sit next to Sookies puppies in the livingroom and drink my coffee. I love the sound of newborn puppies in the morning. Fills my soul with the wonder of new life and warms my heart.  Then I go and sit on the floor in the nursery and cuddle with Yazmens pup. Just a little attention, don't want to overwhelm them at this young age.

Yazmens litter is spoiled. My daughter visits them when she gets home from school then my son visits them when he gets home from work. He felt the need to call me last night while I was Christmas shopping to tell me I was killing Yaz's litter because their collars were to tight. LOL they are snug so feet don't get caught but not to tight.  But it sure is nice that Justin cares enough to check on them and call me. 

This is both Yazmen and Sookies last litters. I am sad.  Sookie gets to live here forever so that is good, but Yazmen lives in a guardian home and I am going to miss not seeing her. She is one perfect dog. I see my Bella in her (who passed away two years ago) and it makes me smile. I love to see that she lives on in her granddaughter.

Time to go feed mommas again.

Posted on Dec 16, 2014 in General
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