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11:25 Ruby moved in on Monday. She had her xray which showed 9 or 10 puppies.

Last night labor started just before dinner. We were up all night. I set my alrm for every 2 hours to check if she was progressing. At about 7 she started going out every 15 minutes.  She was clearly getting ready. She pushed for a while. She worked realy hard for that first puppy.


9:40 boy w/white on chest   blue collar

10:20  boy  green collar

10:45 outside to pee and puppy three is born on the grass. Thankfuly I was with her and had a towel with me.  Girl pink collar

11:25 stillborn pup. Always difficult. Ruby is doing just fine.  I believe my daughter saw this in xray.

11:43 boy  yellow collar

11:52 boy black collar

12:40 boy  white collar. He had a tough start. Requid help. He is my angel boy. I fought hard and cried tears of joy when he finally started fighting back.

1:42 boy  red collar

3:50 boy orange she pushed over an hour and was exhausted.  My daughter drove us to the vets to make sure she was ok. They did an xray and she has 2 more puppies. My gosh. So they drew blood, did ultrasound to make sure heartrates are good. Gave her a shot of oxi and calcium. She had a pup on the way home.

4:45 boy teal

8 boys and 1 girl. This is a first.

5:15 boy no collar. 

Time to cleanup feed my other pups, mom  and my daughter.

Posted on Dec 9, 2015 in General
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