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Maggie has delivered

Maggie started labor last night. All day I could tell it was coming. Then around 8 she tried to go under a small end table, so we headed to the nursery. She panted and could not get comfortable. I put a pillow pet on the floor and Mags literally was hugging it. Had her head on it and paws wrapped over it, with her belly in the gap between the pillow and the floor.  We didnt sleep at all, she was so uncomfortable.  First pup arrived at 3:05am, girl (pink) 10.2 oz. Noisey little thing. Nice rest. 3:49 girl, (purple)10.4oz.  4:03 boy (blue) 10.4 oz.  4:45 boy (green) 11.2 oz. 5:10 boy (orange) 12.8 oz.  5:35. Girl (red)  Maggie`s human momma was here for the delivery. It was wonderful to have her here experiencing the birth. After all pups were born she ate,  drank water, I cleaned the whelping box, bathed maggie`s bottom and got everything clean. Left Mags, my daughter brought me breakfast then went back in the nursery  and took a 3 hour nap. Fed her again and gave them a fresh blanket. Momma and babies are doing great.


Posted on Sep 15, 2020 in General
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