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Poppi is having babies today

We had a long and sleepless night. She put herself into the whelping room at 7 pm and got into the whelping box.  No signs of contractions, just lots of licking.  Her water started leaking around 11 and continued thru the night.  She was resting good between bouts of licking like crazy. I gave her some Stella and Chewy's Lamb meal mix ins around 5. She started pushing at 5:30.

5:40am  Boy (blue collar)

she worked a harder for pup 2

6:10  Boy (red collar)

6:22  Boy (yellow collar)

6:52  Boy (Green collar)

oh boy! Lets hope the next two are girls.

7:04  Boy (black collar)

Well I hope all the families are okay with boys, because boys it is. 1 more to go.

7:25 boy  (brown collar)

Poppi's last litter she had 4 boys and this time 6. So I guess she can't make girl babies.

momma and babies are resting and doing great.

Posted on Oct 27, 2020 in General
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