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Decided to have a quiet Fall

Due to the market being saturated with puppies. We have taken a few months off and passed up on breeding a couple of our girls. Our goal is to have puppies ready for Springtime. We are building our wait list for to early Spring and Summer take home. I miss having pups in the home, but want to make sure we have families waiting before having them. Reach out if you would like to go on our list.


Posted on Nov 12, 2023 in General
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Upcoming Litters

Litters planned for 2023

Winnie /Archie  (8 WEEKS OLD 2 GIRLS AVAILABLE)go home July 22nd


Maple/ Archie  Born June 12th (5 WEEKS OLD. 3 AVAILABLE) go home August 11th

Stella /Fall - Winter

Maya/Fall - Winter









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