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Delilah delivers 7 beautiful puppies

Delilah had her xray on Monday February 19th. Vet saw 7 puppies very clearly on her xray. She started panting as soon as we got home around 11 am. By dinner time she was panting more heavily and was restless. We moved into the delivery room around 9 pm. She went in and out a dozen time. I knew we were hours away from puppies. She started pushing around 11. 12 am pink collar girl was born. 2:10 Blue collar boy, 2:33 Red collar boy, 3:12 Purple collar girl, 4:37 Orange collar girl, 5:20 Green collar boy and 5:47 Yellow collar girl.    She had some long pauses in between puppies but never got stressed or over tired. She just did her job and did it to perfection. The litter was so quiet right from birth. Delilah is being such a great mom and her puppies are doing amazing. Pictures are posted on the puppy page.


Posted on Mar 3, 2024 in General
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