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The Story of Auggie

Auggie/Ozzy is one of Tootsies pups he went home on Sunday the 22nd to a wonderful family in CT. For the 8 weeks he was here he was wonderful, smart and so sweet. THere was never a moment of concern. Auggie and his three brothers, like all of our pups are raised in our home, in a nursery/bedroom in our home. After the pups get their first vaccines they start spending time in the livingroom and outside with the family. So we spend a lot of time watching and observing our litters.  We drove Auggie to to Worster to meet his new family. He whined a little on the car ride but nothing unusual.  So his first two days home were great. On Tuesday he saw the vet in CT and they gave him Bordetella vaccination, Advantix, Strongid t liquid and did a stool check.(may have had a heartguard pill too) THe next day they called the family to say he tested positve for Giardia.  So he was put on Panacur ib Wendsday.  On Thursday mom noticed some frothing at the mouth and he appeared to be having a siezure. THey took him to the vets were they observed the behavior. They advimited him to the local vet hospital for observation. He had three more seizures that evening while at the vets.  He was put on an Iv and anti seizure meds.   I called the vet to make sure it was ok for Auggie to travel over 4 hours back to Maine and he felt it would be as long as he was kept cool. I met the mom in Worcster and picked up Auggie on Saturday.  That night and the following day Auggie acted loopy (hence the new name Ozzy) he was perfectly fine except for the look of being lost.   His bile acids and blood work came back normal. After a long talk with my vet we decided it was best to take him off the anit-seizure meds and see what happens. So Monday early evening he got his last dose of meds. It is now Thursday evening and he has not had a seizure or any unusual behavior. Ozzy is doing great with our other dogs and just a joy. I went and saw my vet again today and he strongly feels that to much meds were given to him for his little system to handle.  We will continue to watch him and see how he does.  I will keep posting on here updates as to how Ozzy is doing.  I just feel so bad for his sweet family that let him go. Because I honestly believe he is fine...
Posted on Aug 2, 2012 in General
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