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Puppies are growing

Its official these little pups are getting personalities. THey have just about all decided that escaping is fun and exploring is the thing to do. I found one of them with her head stuck in a can of dog food. The can was left of a shelf, momma knocked it down and little brown girl decided to clean the can for us. Well there I found her with her little head in the can, whinning. THankfully I am never more then an hour away from these pups. I took her out, cleaned her up and put her back in pen. SHe imediately tried to get out again. Glad the experience didn't affect her. LOL

Each of them has a sweet personality and I am loving spending time with them. THey now have litter boxes and a much larger pen area. MOms now come and go out of the pen and are free to roam in their nursery rooms. When it is time to nurse they jump back into the gated are via a door in the gate.  Each nursery is in the house and gives the moms room to roam around outside the puppies gated area. THey love this time when they can actually get away from the babies for a few minutes.

Can't wait for puppy families to come and visit their puppies this week.  Call now to schedule an appointment and get on the wait list.


Posted on Dec 28, 2012 in General
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