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No litters in the works

posted: May 28, 2012

We currently don't have any girls pregnant.  Hoping to breed Grace to Ari sometime this Summer.


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Misty due

posted: Jul 22, 2011
Misty due to have puppies at the end of August

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Upcoming Labradoodle pups planned for Spring 2011

posted: Apr 23, 2010

Grace and Ari:  planned for February- small mediums   black and cream    There last litter was amazing. Everyone that meets them fall in love. They are now over a year and I can't wait for the next litter to arrive.

Shirley and Elmo: Planned for February-mini's  apricot and reds    Shirley's last litter is also a year old now and they are wonderful. I have one that lives with me and she is so sweet and funny.

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Litters planned for  2019

Moxie and Raphael born 12/12/18 SOLD

Piper and Ted due 2/13/19

Lucy and Gunner 4/9/19

Abby and Teddy Spring 2019

Sammi and ? Spring 2019

Poppi  Summer 2019

Luca and Raphael Summer 2019















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