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Lucas pups 4 weeks

posted: Dec 22, 2017

Lucas pups are getting big. They are playing with eachother and are letting us hold them. Orange has figured out how to get out of the whelping area. This means it is time to put up a taller gate. Smart little girl she is.  Luca is such a good momma, she loves being with her babies.

I can't wait for the family visits first week of January.  Enjoy the photos.

Pink, purple and orange are the girls. (these are the colors of their collars)

Black and blue are the boys.

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Ella pups 2 wks

posted: Nov 20, 2017

So sorry about the delay. I have a new computer (3 months)that I have no idea how to do anything on. All my old favorites are no longer here so pictures are proving to be a nightmare. When it comes to technology it takes me hours what it might take someone else 30 minutes. So after a day of frustration and grunting I finally figured it out.  Next weeks photos will be so much faster. 

Ella has settled into being a mom like always. THe pups have doubled in size and are so sweet. So far they are a quiet litter. Their nursery is right across the hall from my two youngest kids rooms and neither of them ever hear the pups.  Pups eyes are just starting to open, so some pups you can see their eyes and some you can't.

Enjoy the pictures. Emails will go out this week to all families on this litter.

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Lucy's babies

posted: Apr 21, 2017
Lucy's puppies are not 3 weeks old. They are getting sweet. I am holding them and introducing them to new sights and sounds. All changes are quiet and gentle for now. Nothing scary introduced at this young of an age.  Each of the pups just lied there while I did photos except black collar. He wanted to come right back to me.  So stinking cute.  All four pups are spoken for.

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Ella pups at 2 weeks

posted: Feb 21, 2017

Ella's babies are just starting to try and walk and their eyes are now open. (sometimes)  She is still nursing all the time and only leaves them to go outside. She growls at any dog that walks by her nursery, except Luca who she allows in the room for some reason.

Ella and Ruby are good with eachother. The first week they were not to sure the other mother was a friend or not, but now they are great.

I cannot wait to see these beautiful babies in two weeks when their coats start to change and their personalities emerge. I already have one who is very lazy. Always on his back with all 4 legs folded and chillin. I will try and capture it on film.

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Ruby's pups at 5 weeks

posted: Feb 21, 2017

They are growing, playing and escaping their room. THe girls in this group are all to smart. They have figured out how to climb out of the gate to get to mommy. Granted its only a 12 inch climb but they got it. 

Mom slept away from them for the first time last night. SHe enjoyed her peaceful night on the couch while her babies slept in the nursery. Freedom for momma. 

They will start formula and puppy mush on Monday. Time to give momma a break.

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