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Lola & Raphaels pups at 3 weeks

posted: Apr 3, 2014
Lola's pups are doing great. Little tan boy who is half the size of the others, is keeping right up with them in every other way. He is active and definately eats well. The pups eyes are open as you can see, they are starting to play with eachother and some are even already getting out of the whelping pool. What a smart little groups of babies.  This is the first week were we really start to touch the pups. Just gentle strokes and soft voices. This is when we start working with them to get them usto people. Over the next two weeks they will go thru alot of changes and we want to make it the best adjustment we can.  The pictures below were taken right after they ate. So some of them were very tired and hard to keep awake. If you hover your mouse over the picture it tells you who is who. Like Red collar boy, Pink collar girl etc.

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Kia's minis at 5 weeks

posted: Feb 28, 2014
Kia's pups are getting so big. OK really they are tiny, but big for them. Black girl is the biggest in the litter. She is a doll and lets me hold her all the time. Apricot white girl is the most curious. She is the one that escapes all the time and isn't affraid of anything. Therefor she is held the most. Apricot boy is more quiet and reserved. Just more chill. Apricot girl is more of an observer but loves to cuddle.

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posted: Feb 14, 2014

Lola had her sonogram today at 5pm. The vet she is having at least 6 or 7 puppies. So looks like about March 12th there will be more puppies coming to Southern Maine. I am so excited to see Lola and Raphaels beautiful apricot and red babies.


Harleys pups started going home today. Three of them left and one of Sophias. MondayI take three of Sophias babies to the airport in Boston.    One more of Harleys will leave one Wednesday.   We still have two beautiful black boys from Harleys litter available. They have beautiful fleece coats and are bothe cuddley. If you would like more information give me a call. (207) 499-2989

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Kia's pups at 2 weeks

posted: Feb 6, 2014

Kia and Miles pups are two weeks old. They still do nothing but nurse and sleep. So really not alot to say about them. They appear happy and healthy so far and continue to grow and a good pace.

There is one pup from this litter available. Call for more information (207)499-2989


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Harley and Raphaels pups 7 weeks

posted: Feb 6, 2014

Harely and Raphaels pups are 7 weeks and we still have one available. The family in ME that was adopting him decided their daughter is still to young. I agree the time is not right for them and in the near future a Southern Maine Labradoodle will join their family.

One of the black boys is still available. Call if you are interested.

These pups are so fun and so entertaining. I love letting them run around the house two at a time and watching them play. Brown boy and blue boy do most to the wrestling. They are definatley the two brothers that pick on eachother. But in a good way.

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Lola and Raphael,  9  puppies born March 14, going home mid May (large Minis)

Yazmen and Ted born April 4th  - going home Mid June  (mediums25-30 lbs)

Maggie and Ted due end of April  -(Mediums 30-40 lbs)

Hope and Miles to be bred April 21st. Pups due June 20th. Ready to go home about August 15th. (Minis 20ish lbs)




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