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Sookie and Raphael puppies 1 week

posted: Dec 16, 2014

Sookies pups have not changed alot sence birth.  They are bigger but eyes are still sealed shut. They still whine alot when they can't find mom or roll away from the pile.

I love the picture below of mom with the puppies. Sookie sure does love being a mommy. So very sad this is her last litter.

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Yaz and Ted's pups at 3 weeks

posted: Dec 16, 2014
These pups are simpley amazing. The combination of Mom (who has Ari and Bella in her) and dad Teddy, these pups are perfect. I honestly would keep them all if I had the room to do so. They are sweet, gentle and so very easy to photograph. Everyone of them just chilled and didn't even move when I was doing the photos. If all puppies were this easy how wonderful my life would be. They so far have been quiet, very little noise is heard from their nursery. They are just starting to make light growling noises when one of our humans enters the room. So darn cute. THey haven't even tried to leave their whelping box, which they could do very easily. Just content to sit there and be in the company of eachother. Love love love them. They are definately thick puppies. LOL

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Yazmens pups at 1 week

posted: Nov 30, 2014

I can't believe Yazmens babies are already 9 days old. THey have gotten so big. THey have doubled in size and are doing great. Yazmen is still with them almost 24 hours a day. She takes a couple minutes here and there to hang with us and then is right back with her babies.

Yaz's human family came to visit her today and she was so happy to see them and  very sad when they left. I hate to see them miss their families.

Hope you enjoy the photos. There are still spaces available on this litter. Call me with questions.


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Hopes puppies 7 weeks

posted: Aug 13, 2014
Puppies had their big trip to the vet this morning. Here are pictures taken last night (Tuesday). They love to play and are so much fun. In the pictures I could not get one of orange boy/Fenway on his own.  Everytime I moved to take a picture they all followed me, notice how they are always/almost always looking up. THey are very intune with humans and all of them love to follow me everywere.

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Hopes puppies at 5 weeks

posted: Jul 25, 2014

THe pups are growing and Getting their own little personalities. Brown/white girl is smart and knows what she wants and figures out how to get it.  Brown boy is also very smart and figures out his way out of problems. Love watching him and green girl solve all the issues I put in front of them.  Pink girl is more laid back and chill, as is Red boy. (who we have named Stiles)  He is a mini Miles, shy but opens up quickly. He spends a lot of time around people so he does not end up shy like Daddy Miles. Orange boy is growing and keeps up with the others.  He may be tiny but he is strong and curious.


Can't wait for you to meet them all. They are great pups with great personalities.

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Yazmen and Ted   born 11/21/14

Sookie and Raphael   due 12/10/14


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