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Maggie's pups week 2

posted: Jun 28, 2022

Maggie's pups are almost 2 weeks old. They were born June 16th. We have availability in this litter.  email at

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Winnie pups 6 weeks

posted: Jun 25, 2022

Family visits are done and they are changing daily. We just built anew puppy play yard off of the nursery so they will get lots more outdoor play time.  Below are 5 of the 6 pups. I didn't include red girl because I am keeping her. there is also a picture of Luca and green girl cuddled on the couch. so cute


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Winnie 6 pack 3 weeks

posted: May 31, 2022

Pups are now 3 weeks old. The below pictures were taken at about 2 1/2 weeks. They are mobile, playing, finding their little voices.  l love spending time with them, getting to know their little personalities.  Can't wait for family visits so I can share their cuteness with their future families.

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Winnies babies almost 2 weeks

posted: May 14, 2022

 I know I am a little late in posting this. Winnie had her pups on 5/5/22 First pup, pink girl, was born at 12:35 am. Blue boy 1am. yellow girl 1:12, Black boy 1:26, green girl 2:43 and red girl at 3:06.  Winnie did such an amazing job. Her pups are growing and doing well. Eyes should be opening in a few days.  I will post new pictures next weekend. THe pup is lying on a blanket that is the same color as their collar. These blankets will go home with them as well as the rope toy that is in the photos.

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Poppi's babies at 5 weeks

posted: Nov 17, 2021

Poppi's pups are up and playing and finding their voices. I love to watch them play and experience new things for the first time. Every day we introduce new sounds and toys to help make them well rounded puppies.  Family visits are this week and I can't wait for everyone to meet them. Poppi is ready to be done with her duties so they are starting puppy much this week and momma will get to spend more time with the family and less with her babies. She is such a good momma. So sad this is her last litter and I won't get to spend time with her anymore. She will retire with her loving family in MA.

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Winnie and Finn  born 5/5/22

Maggie and Ari due June 13th

Nala /Groot  for early Fall

Dalilah /Archie  Fall

Maple /Archie  Fall








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