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Hopes Puppies at a week

posted: Jul 3, 2014
Hopes pups are almost two weeks old. Their eyes are just opening and they are hearing things a little now. But still not walking.  Orange and Teal are really tiny. They will definately be closer to 15 lbs while the others will be 20-25 lbs.   All of these pups are sold.

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Puppies are 7 weeks already

posted: Jun 14, 2014
Maggies pups are already 7 weeks. They are all little individuals now and I am loving them all. I took this pictures over the last two days during family visits. So in some of the pictures some of the puppies are really tired.  Don't get confused because black boy actually has on a white collar. It was the only color I had in the big collar. His normal collar is still black.

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Maggies pups at 4 weeks

posted: May 26, 2014

Maggies pups will start getting formula and cereal this week. Time to give Maggie some help feeding this huge crew. Maggie is not complaining and is holding her own, but Momma Kelly thinks it is to much for her.

Her pups are now in the laundry room and will move to the nursery later this week.

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Yazmens pups at 7 weeks

posted: May 26, 2014

Here are Yazmens babies at 7 weeks. THey are all so sweet and well behaved. Here is a little about each of them

Green girl  7lbs(Queen bee)is still the most outgoing. hated her bath.  Loves to eat

Yellow Girl 5.5 lbs(Buddy) sweet, quiet

Pink girl  5 lbs(curious)  she is very interested in what is going on. Plays well and loves to cuddle.

BLue Boy 5 lbs(Observer)  He is always watches what happens before he joins in.  Whined during bath but was good. Very sweet.

Red boy  7.5 lbs(Happy) He is always wagging his tail. Loves life

White boy 6lbs (calm) he reminds me of the country lab that sits on the porch and watches the children play or the cars drive by.

Love love love this litter

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Maggie's puppies are 1 week

posted: May 3, 2014

Maggies pups are so little and so noisey. They are right in the livingroom so they make lots of noise. Some screech when they nurse, some screech when they can't get comfortable. When they can't get comfy we pile them in a wicker basket and it calms them right down. That is what the picture below is.. This gives us a good 45 minutes of peace before they have to nurse again.

Still have 4 pups available from this litter.



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