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posted: Apr 26, 2016
Lolas pups are only 5 days old and doing great. They are so tiny. It is amazing to see how much they grow in just a week, when I compare Lola and Ella's pups.  Lola is doing great taking care of them of course. This is her final litter so I am going to enjoy every moment of this

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Ella's pups at 1 1/2 weeks

posted: Apr 26, 2016

I took photos of the pups this morning. They are doing so good. As you can see Ella will not keep a blanket in the whelping box with them. I think it is because she gets to hot. She is a good momma for sure.

I will do individual photos this weekend so you can see each of them up close.


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Puppys are growing

posted: Mar 8, 2016

Here are Daisys babies at 6 weeks. They are playing and getting little personalities. THey are eating puppy food and goats milk right now. In a few days hoping to have them on dry kibble and Spring water.

They are such good puppies. Love everyone of them.

This litter is all sold.

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Daisys pups almost 3 weeks old

posted: Feb 8, 2016
I can't believe Daisy's pups are already almost 3 weeks old. Time is flying by. They are all so chunky and I can't believe non are cream like momma.  Daisy has settled into being a mom like a pro. She was right there when I took the photos and actually crawled in at one point to steal one of the boys away from me.    She loves her babies so much.

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Rubys puppies at 7 weeks

posted: Jan 31, 2016
Rubys pups are 7 weeks old  now and almost ready to go home. Below are photos taken of them over the past few days. They are getting big and are so much fun. I don't know how anyone could just pick a favorite one.  Each of them has their own little personality and everyone is wonderful. I honestly am always amazed when I start spending time with each pup one on one how well they adjust to the alone time and how quickly they settle in to just being with humans and not their siblings.  I can't wait for these boys and girl to each go home and get to know their families.  I so look forward to the follow up calls and emails on how well everyone is doing.

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