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One puppy available

posted: Feb 12, 2015

Here are Sookies three pups that are still here. Shaka leaves tomorrow and Brady leaves on the 21st. Blue boy does not have a home yet. He is doing great in  the house and loves to play and be petted. He will make a great family pet.  My hope is that he finds a home before his brother Brady leaves so he can be the center of a families attention and get all the love.

 Blue collar boy went home today 2/16/15  so happy for him.

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Yazmen /Ted pups 6 weeks

posted: Jan 4, 2015

Yazmen and Ted puppies are now 6 weeks old. They are so sweet and loving. We spend lots of time cuddeling this litter. My daughter and her friend Logan always have two pups with them when they are here, which is almost every day. They cuddle in the recliner, on her bed, on the floor. THey pups love it. Some are big kissers and a couple are not.  Everyone of them is very smart and listens intentley when I talk to them.  I am so excited about adding one of these girls to my home.

There is still availability from this litter. Due to unforseen issues a couple families backed out.

Please call me if you are interested or want more information. You will not be dissappointed in a Yazmen /Ted.  They are perfection.


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Sookie Raphael pups 4 weeks

posted: Jan 4, 2015

Sookies pups will be 4 weeks on Tuesday the 6th. They are growing and changing everyday. Their coats are still as shiney and silky as ever. They are playing and wrestling with eachother. I love watching them try and be the boss of eachother, to cute.  Can't wait for their families to come and visit and meet them.

This litter is all sold

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Sookie and Raphael puppies 1 week

posted: Dec 16, 2014

Sookies pups have not changed alot sence birth.  They are bigger but eyes are still sealed shut. They still whine alot when they can't find mom or roll away from the pile.

I love the picture below of mom with the puppies. Sookie sure does love being a mommy. So very sad this is her last litter.

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Yaz and Ted's pups at 3 weeks

posted: Dec 16, 2014
These pups are simpley amazing. The combination of Mom (who has Ari and Bella in her) and dad Teddy, these pups are perfect. I honestly would keep them all if I had the room to do so. They are sweet, gentle and so very easy to photograph. Everyone of them just chilled and didn't even move when I was doing the photos. If all puppies were this easy how wonderful my life would be. They so far have been quiet, very little noise is heard from their nursery. They are just starting to make light growling noises when one of our humans enters the room. So darn cute. THey haven't even tried to leave their whelping box, which they could do very easily. Just content to sit there and be in the company of eachother. Love love love them. They are definately thick puppies. LOL

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