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Sami pups 2 1/2 weeks

posted: Aug 28, 2018

Sami and her pups are doing great. They are getting big and Sami is still being such a great mom.  They are startin to try to walk and their eyes are open now. They will move from the delivery room (a bedroom with a bed, tv and desk) to the nursery this weekend. (a room converted in to the nursery with more daylight and room for them to grow and play)

I did the photos today and took 50 shots and these are the best of them all. this is  a tough age because their only interest is nursing so they are always looking for momma when you put them down.

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Luca pups 4 weeks

posted: Jun 25, 2018

Luca's babies will be 4 weeks on the 27th.  Now that most of my daughters graduation festivities are over I have time to get back in the office and get work done.

Luca's pups are walking and finding their little voices. Luca only goes in to nurse and when they whine Lewi (our 8 month old pup) is the one that goes in and makes sure they are ok. It is so cute he jumps right up no matter were he is and runs in to check on them.  When the pups are old enough Lewi will be the one that plays with them outside. He is so sweet and gentle with the babies.

I will have more time so hope to do photos again in a week.


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Abby's puppies

posted: May 5, 2018

Abby's babies are so chuncky. They are just starting to walk and today for the first time everyone of them was out of the whelping box. Abby is such a good momma she never leaves them except to go potty and she still looks so beautiful. 

At this age the pups eat and sleep and that is about it. Pretty boring but aweful darn cute.

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Pinto's Party Puppies

posted: Apr 16, 2018
Pinto's babies are getting big and playful. They are starting to play with toys and interacting more with us. I am so excited to watch this litter grow.  Family visits are coming up and I cannot wait for you to meet these amazing babies.

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Pinto's Party

posted: Mar 24, 2018

Pinto had her pups on March 18th. She had alll 7 in about 2 hours. She was fast and did everything perfectly. Also she had them early in the day which is a breeders dream. Her guardian mom had her because I was away. I am so thankful to Erica for taking care of them the first week of their lives.  

They are here now and settled in. I finally got a gender count and it is as follows.

Black  girl.     Brown and white parti boy.    2 black and white parti boys.   

Brown boy and 2 brown girls. All the browns have white toes and chests.

Enjoy these pictures of our little babies.

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