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Luca's pups 4 1/2 weeks

posted: Jan 19, 2017
Luca's pups are so much fun now. We spend alot of time holding them and watching them play. At this age they are still really clumsy and it is so funny to watch them try to play with eachother. They are just starting to get personalities and some of them really love to cuddle already.  I love this age. (ok I love every age)

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LUca pups 2 weeks

posted: Jan 2, 2017

Luca's babies are getting so big. My daughter and I took new photos today and it was so much fun. They were squirmy and then sleepy. So cute. We started out taking photos on a bed and that just made them walk everywhere so we switched to my daughter holding them.  love this litter. Karina already has her favorite pup in the litter. I haven't picked mine yet. They are a to young yet. BUt be can already tell a couple are cuddle bugs.


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Lucas babies

posted: Dec 18, 2016
Luca had her babies on Friday evening. Below is a picture taken Friday evening and one this evening SUnday the 18th. She had three boys and two girls. All pups are doing great and LUca is just as happy as can be.  She really has settled in nicely to being a mom.

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Pups are 3 weeks old

posted: Jul 1, 2016

Sophia's pups are getting so big.   I snapped these pictures quickly while transferring them from the delivery room to the nursery. They are much more content in the nursery.  I look forward to all of the pups future parents coming to visit in a couple weeks.  See you then.  Enjoy the pictures.




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Sophias pups at 2 days old

posted: Jun 10, 2016

I cannot believe what a uniformed litter she had. Three colors, 2 of each color and a boy and a girl of each color. Just perfection.


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