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Daisys pups almost 3 weeks old

posted: Feb 8, 2016
I can't believe Daisy's pups are already almost 3 weeks old. Time is flying by. They are all so chunky and I can't believe non are cream like momma.  Daisy has settled into being a mom like a pro. She was right there when I took the photos and actually crawled in at one point to steal one of the boys away from me.    She loves her babies so much.

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Rubys puppies at 7 weeks

posted: Jan 31, 2016
Rubys pups are 7 weeks old  now and almost ready to go home. Below are photos taken of them over the past few days. They are getting big and are so much fun. I don't know how anyone could just pick a favorite one.  Each of them has their own little personality and everyone is wonderful. I honestly am always amazed when I start spending time with each pup one on one how well they adjust to the alone time and how quickly they settle in to just being with humans and not their siblings.  I can't wait for these boys and girl to each go home and get to know their families.  I so look forward to the follow up calls and emails on how well everyone is doing.

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Rubys babies at 3 weeks

posted: Jan 4, 2016

Rubys babies are 3 weeks old now and getting active. They play, growl and are getting little personalities. They are getting big. I have decided to start weaning them this week so momma can get a break and start to put on some weight. Ruby is doing great, you would never know she had 10 pups 3 weeks ago. She goes outside and plays with the other dogs like she never had pups. Her owners came to visit on Sunday and she was playing ball with her little boy, she clearly misses them as much as they miss her. I love seeing the bond between my guardian dogs and their families. It warms my heart and makes me know this is the way it should be.

Enjoy the pictures

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Puppies at 4 weeks

posted: Nov 6, 2015

Sophia's pups are almost 4 weeks old. They are playing and barking and growling at eachother and me when I go into the room. I Started taking them out one at a time and giving them individual attention. Some love it already and some not so sure about it.

Believe it or not this photo session took hours. Trying to get a 4 week old pup to stay focused when you just plopped them in the center of all kinds of new sensations is not easy. Got a dozen shots of them sniffing, walking, climbing, turning. LOL it is very entertaining.

So far this litter is calm and quiet. I will be spending more time with them now that they are old enought to play.

Below are pictures of the litter. We do still have space on the list.


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Sophia's 8 Stars

posted: Oct 23, 2015

Sophia's babies are almost two weeks. Below are their photos. If you move your cursor over the picture it will show you which pup it is. The pups are labled by collar color and gender: Blue Boy ect.  This photo shoot took a long time. I took close to 100 photos just to get one good photo of each of them. All they want to do at this age is eat and sleep. SO of course they were sleeping when I did the shoot so as soon as I put then down they started rooting. (looking for momma for food)

Love how shinny they black pups look in the photos. They definately have a brown tint to their fur right now.

Love the variety of color Sophia and Ted gave me. Beautiful pups.

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