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Sami had her puppies

Sami had her babies tonight. She had two boys and one girl. 

She was whining alot at about 9 pm. So I carried her into the delivery room. 30 minutes later she had her first pup a boy. 15 minutes later pup two another boy. Her guardian mom and sister came over and sat with her while she rested. after about and hour she had the final pup a girl. Now and hour later she has eaten and is resting peacefully. All three pups are cream in color and seem to be doing great.

Posted on Aug 11, 2018  in General 
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I will be out of the country from July 19th thru July 27th. I will return all calls and emails when I return.  

Thank you.

Posted on Jul 18, 2018  in General 
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Summers here

It is a very busy and exciting time here in Maine. My daughter (who was just 2 when I started this journey of breeding) is now 18 and graduating High school. She has accomplished so much, National EMT, Fire science certificate/ with high honors and off to college in a couple months for Perimedicine. So beyond proud of her.   

Two litters on the ground. One is 7 weeks and one is 1 week. Everyone is healthy and doing great. Luca as usual has stepped into motherhood easily and her babies are thrieving.  Abby's pups are big, fun and so cute. Exploring life and loving all attention. All puppies from these two litters are sold

Sami will be bred this coming week and we hope for pups in early August. 

I am unavailable from June 22 thru the 24th for her graduation celebration.

I will also be unavailable from July 18th to the 30th. Taking a  much needed vacation with my daughter and another mother and daugher. 

Enjoy this Summer. Remember to have fun, embrace family time and enjoy the little things in live.

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Luca had her puppies

Tuesday my daughter graduated from voc. We got home at 10:30 pm and Karina went right up to Luca on the couch to give her love and said "um Mom theres a puppy nursing, nope there are two puppies nursing." LOL  We moved her into my daughters room and she had all 5 by 2:30 am.  So much for having an xray this morning for puppy count.

Blue boy

Pink girl

Green Boy

Purple girl

white girl

Congrats Luca and Raphael


Posted on May 31, 2018  in General 
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Puppies everywhere

Thursday I sent my Lewi to his new home. After being with me for 7 months we had a bond like no other. It broke my heart to watch him drive away with his new mommy and daddy, but I know he will be loved and spoiled by them. I miss him and have cried more then I think is normal.  It will get better.  This is one of the parts of this business that I can't handle, the love you have for these animals and having to say see you later.

Abby's pups will start on food on Sunday. The families start their visits on Saturday and it will be so good for them to get lots of attention over the next couple days. They are just coming out of their shells. They seemed to hold onto their shyness about a week longer then the pups usually do. Today they were happy to see me and we played on the floor for a while. I love this age when I can really start spending time with them and getting to know each of them individually.

I want to remind everyone that a puppy is a puppy. They will test thier boundries. How we react to it detemines how they will react to it. Please always be the alpha in your pack. Most dogs don't like being the Alpha and will do it because they feel they have to or feel they can get away with it so will push harder and harder. Don't let that happen. A little puppy that growls is very quickly and pretty easiely corrected. So correct them when they are young and you will reap the rewards of a long and happy respectful realationship. 

Have a safe and happy Memorial day weekend.

Posted on May 25, 2018  in General 
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Springtime in Maine

Pintos pups are on solid food and loving it. They are playing and just so much fun right now. Their littel personalities are sure shining thru.  I love this age because they can spend time with the family in the living space and I really get to know them.

Abby's litter is 3 weeks old and doing great. Everyone is plump and healthy.

Luca Had her sonogram on Thursday and is expecting 5 puppies June 1st. We are so excited. It will be crazy busy but just the way I like it.

Posted on May 5, 2018  in General 
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Abby had her puppies

This am after a good night of sleep Abby was panting and whining for attention. Luca got on the couch with her and was comforting her. So adorable to watch. I went out to grab a cup of coffee and a bagel. When we got home my daughter said Abby is licking she must be getting close. I walked over to Abby who was sitting in my recliner (the only cloth furniture in my living room.)and there was a puppy nursing.  We brought her whelping box into the livingroom, transfered her and the pup into the box.

Luca sat at a safe distance and watched.  She checked on Abby and the pups but left them alone.

She quickly had 2 more. Her mom and one of her human boys came over. They petted her and gave her lots of love. Abby got some ice cream. After an hour rest she had her final 2 pups. She did so amazing all 5 in 2 1/2 hours.

Boy boy

Pink girl

Green boy

Orange boy

Yellow boy

Posted on Apr 20, 2018  in General 
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Abby is here

Friday Abby had her xray and they counted 5 pups. She went back home to relax until labor started. I got nervous (because thats what I do) and had Abby move in here on Monday evening. She didn't eat Monday or Tuesday (usually a sign pups are coming) last night she ate a whole bowl of food. Sigh!   Today she is panting alot and seems restless.  But not in active labor. Lets hope this happens in the next 24 hours.
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If you are trying to reach me, I am away until Monday morning April 9 th.  I will return all calls and emails then. Thank you for your patience.



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