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Pictures are up of Lucy's puppies on the current puppies page. All are spoken for. At this point we won't have pups until Fall or Winter.  Possibley will have pups from Pinto if mother nature helps us out.  It has been a long waiting game with her.

Luca is in heat now but she just had pups in Decempber so we will wait until her next heat in October to breed her again.



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Yesterday Lucy had her x-ray. She is only having 4 puppies.  She started panting around 3 and spent the day moving from couch to couch.

Last night she slept on the couch with me. We got about 5 hours of restless sleep. She started pushing at about 6 am. First 2 pups were both breech.

7  apricot boy with white toes. Blue collar

7:15 apricot boy. Black collar

7:45 red girl with white chest. Pink collar

8:45 cream boy

She is done. Time for clean up


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Picture day

All the puppy pictures are on the puppy page. It was so funny taking their pictures. Ella's pups did not want to stay awake. Pink literaly fell asleep right after this yawn.

A couple of the other pups are sleeping in their pictures.

Ruby's pups are at an age of playfullness and movement. So Karina held them so I could get good shots. My gosh are they beautiful puppies.

Check them out on the puppy page.

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Ella is delivering

Picked Ella up yesterday. She hadn't eaten anything. She wouldn't eat for me either. She stayed next to me on the couch during the Superbowl.  This morning I took her in for her x-ray at 930 for puppy count. They say 7. She threw up 5 times this am. 10:30 I notice her baring down. No signs of labor at all, not even panting.


11 am apricor girl. Pink collar

11:25  apricot boy. Blue collar

11:35 apricot boy. Green collar

12:10. Red Girl. Purple collar

1:05  boy  black collar

Momma resting.

2:20 girl. Orange collar

2:25 girl  yellow collar

Now that she's done I will move Ruby into the puppy room with her pups. Clean the nursery, wash Ella up and move Ella and her babiesinto the nursery. Then feed her dinner. She did such an amazing job. Everyone is nursing.  


Posted on Feb 6, 2017  in General 
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It's finally time

Ruby is finally in labor. At dinner last night she had some trembling, which sometimes indicates the start of labor. Sence 3 am she has been restless and heavy panting. She goes outside every 20 minutes. Keep checking back. Hopefully we have a pup by 1.

It'sIt's 11:30 and she is definitely close. She is panting heavier and more anxious.

5:30 she's pushing

 5:56. Girl pink collar

641 boy. Blue collar

7:01 girl. Purple collar

She was resting so I grabbed a slice of pizzza.  Came back in room and she had a puppy. Puppy was on floor she was in whelping box. It was an interesting couple minutes.

7:50 girl yellow collar. She's smaller then the rest.

9:10 boy green collar

I think she is done. She is resting and all pups are nursing. 



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Picked Ruby up from her guardian family on Friday. She had her x-ray for puppy count, he saw 6 or 7.  Feels strongly there is 7. Today Ruby was going out a lot and has now decided to put her self in the nursery. She was shaking at about 7:45 so my daughter and I got her whelping box ready. (Shaking is a sign labor is coming) While we were doing that Ruby came in the room and hasn't left.  We are watching the Pat's game so I get up every 15 minutes to go check her.  She wags her tail everytime I go in. No panting yet, just chilling in the room. This is her third litter so she knows were to be. Love this girl.


Here it is Tuesday and still no pups. She is just taking her time. No labor and still eating. Let's hope this happens soon.

Lucy comes this weekend to be bred. So in a perfect world Ruby would deliver tomorrow, so I can pick up Lucy on Thursday. Fingers crossed.

Posted on Jan 14, 2017  in General 
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Luca is in labor

Finally Luca is in Labor. A week ago today we found out she is having 4 or 5 pups. We expected pups to be born Wednesday or Thursday. She started being uncomfortable early this morning and is now panting heavely. I think it is going to be along night for me, Karina and Luca. I will update here as pups arrive.   Go Luca....


Also Ruby has her sonogram on Monday so we will know for sure if she is pregnant. Pretty sure she is but confirmation always puts my mind at ease.


7:35   red boy (white diamond on head and white on chest)

8:00  red girl

8:35  boy also has small white spot on head and a white stripe on chest. so he has            yellow collar.

9:52 apricot girl (purple collar)

10:05  dark red boy (green collar)

Luca is done.  We have cleaned her up, fed her and she is resting contently with her babies. I will take pictures and post tomorrow. We are beyond happy right now.


Posted on Dec 16, 2016  in General 
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Luca's sonogram

Luca went in for her sonogram this afternoon to check for puppies. They saw at least 5 puppies. Luca is going to be a mommy. So excited.  Puppies due around December 10th.



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Winter puppies

I can't wait for Tuesday the 15th to find out if Luca is pregnant.  If she is she will be due about December 10th.   Luca'ss pups will be shades of apricot and red and will mature to about 25lbs.

Also next weekend I will  be breeding Ruby and Raphael. This would put her due date mid January. Her litter will be large minis to medium. 25 to 40 lbs when grown and all reds.

Posted on Nov 11, 2016  in General 
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Sorry we will not have puppies available until Winter.

Keep an eye on this blog for updates as girls are bred.

Posted on Aug 8, 2016  in General 
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