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Abby had her puppies

This am after a good night of sleep Abby was panting and whining for attention. Luca got on the couch with her and was comforting her. So adorable to watch. I went out to grab a cup of coffee and a bagel. When we got home my daughter said Abby is licking she must be getting close. I walked over to Abby who was sitting in my recliner (the only cloth furniture in my living room.)and there was a puppy nursing.  We brought her whelping box into the livingroom, transfered her and the pup into the box.

Luca sat at a safe distance and watched.  She checked on Abby and the pups but left them alone.

She quickly had 2 more. Her mom and one of her human boys came over. They petted her and gave her lots of love. Abby got some ice cream. After an hour rest she had her final 2 pups. She did so amazing all 5 in 2 1/2 hours.

Boy boy

Pink girl

Green boy

Orange boy

Yellow boy

Posted on Apr 20, 2018  in General 
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Abby is here

Friday Abby had her xray and they counted 5 pups. She went back home to relax until labor started. I got nervous (because thats what I do) and had Abby move in here on Monday evening. She didn't eat Monday or Tuesday (usually a sign pups are coming) last night she ate a whole bowl of food. Sigh!   Today she is panting alot and seems restless.  But not in active labor. Lets hope this happens in the next 24 hours.
Posted on Apr 18, 2018  in General 
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If you are trying to reach me, I am away until Monday morning April 9 th.  I will return all calls and emails then. Thank you for your patience.



Posted on Apr 7, 2018  in General 
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Spring must be in the air

Lucy's last two pups left today for their new homes. I am so blessed to be able to provide families with such amazing pets. Both the pups that left today were so sweet and gentle. We will miss them running around the house. Lewi will miss them most of all. They were his constant companions.

Pinto has her xray tomorrow at 5 and we will find out how many she is having. She could have her pups anytime from Wednesday to Monday the 19th. I expect parties in apricot, brown and black.

Abby has her songram scheduled for Thursday the 15th at 3:30. So she would be due around April 16th.

We will have a busy Spring at SML.


Posted on Feb 16, 2018  in General 
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Winter puppies

Ellas pups are all gone home.  All of Luca's pups will be gone as of Friday and Lucy's are just 3 1/2 weeks old. 

Pinto was bred last week so hopefully we will have new pups in 8 weeks. This will be first litter of potentially all parti pups. It will be so exciting watching each of them arrive. I cannot wait to confirm her pregnancy.

In two weeks two of my up and coming girls, Abi and Sami will go in for their health testing to finalize their being in our program. 

Keep an eye out for our parti litter in two months and for announcements of Sam and Abi's test results and photos.

Posted on Jan 23, 2018  in General 
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Lucy is delivering


Lucy had her xray this morning and she is having 5 puppies. It was a restless evening of pacing and panting. Around 11 I noticed she had that look in her eyes and knew time was close. So at 12:30 I cureled up on the couch with her.

2:45 am  light apricot Boy..  (Blue)He was born on the couch. I moved them to the nursery, she finished cleaning him while I threw the blanket into the wash. He is nursing already. His toes are white.

3:15  apricot boy black 

4:03  cream boy with mismarks (green)

4:15 apricot boy.

Okay I think they are all boys. I am really tired. THought the 2nd was a girl. but think its a boy now. Momma is wrapping herself around them not wanting me to touch them so I am going to leave them and check later. One more to go then I will give her some food.

4:29 last pup I believe is a girl. 

Feeding Lucy and cleaning up. Momma and babies are doing great.



Posted on Dec 28, 2017  in General 
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Lucas turn for puppies

Yesterday was a completely normal day. Luca acted like she always does, maybe a little bit more tired. She had none of the normal signs of labor at all, not even panting. Karina was on the couch with her at 9:30 and said she is acting like she is lining the pups up. This is when they give little pushes. She went to bed and asked me to check on Luca before I went to bed at Midnight. 10:30 she said Luca is pushing alot harder. So I set everything up and Luca had her first pup on my daughters bed. Thankfully we set large pee pads under and around her so no mess on the bed.


11:24  Pink collar girl

11:43  Purple collar girl

11:58  Blue collar boy

12:54  Black collar boy

xray showed 4, Luca was calm so I cleaned up prepared food for her came back into the room with her food and water and she had another pup.

1:20  Orange collar girl

Let me just say Luca never acted like she was in labor at all even while delivering. If she wasn't pushing I never would have known she was having babies. Mom and babies are doing great.

Posted on Nov 21, 2017  in General 
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Ella is delivering

2:49pm. She is shaking and uncomfortable. We should have a pup soon.

3:21 she has started pushing. Stay tuned

3::50 Carmel boy lue collar

4:08 Carmel girl pink collar. She pushed really hard for this big girl.

4:33. Carmel boy green collar

4:50 Apricot girl purple collar

 5:15 red boy. Orange collar

5:45 girl teal collar

6:22 apricot boy. Black collar






Posted on Nov 7, 2017  in General 
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Fall Puppies

On October 10th Ella had her sonogram and she is indeed pregnant.

Luca goes in on October 17th to have her sonogram. So excited to have puppies again. 7 months with no puppies in my house is just to long for me.


Posted on Oct 12, 2017  in General 
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Pictures are up of Lucy's puppies on the current puppies page. All are spoken for. At this point we won't have pups until Fall or Winter.  Possibley will have pups from Pinto if mother nature helps us out.  It has been a long waiting game with her.

Luca is in heat now but she just had pups in Decempber so we will wait until her next heat in October to breed her again.



Posted on Apr 21, 2017  in General 
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