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Gonna be a busy Summer

Winnie had her first litter on My 5th. She was 5 days past her due date and I was very sleep deprived.  I had been sleeping in the nursery with her for 9 nights. That means waking to every movement and sound just waiting for the start of labor. On the 4th she started acting different and actually asked to go into the nursery during the early evening.  Her water broke at 12:20 and fist pup was born at 12:35am. She had 4 girls and 2 boys. Photos are on the puppy page.

Maggie was AI'd with Ari's frozen seaman and is due mid June. We will confirm pregnancy this week. But her guardian mom (who was also Ari's guardian Mom) says she is sure Maggie is pregnant. Maggie also shares her home with one of her daughters (Mari) from her last litter with Ari. Mari is so wonderful we had to repeat this breeding.

Posted on May 14, 2022  in General 
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looking for a guardian home

We are looking for the perfect guardian home for Archie. see the puppy page for more information,

Posted on Oct 15, 2021  in General 
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summer puppies

Nala was AI'd today, this makes her due end of June. Maggie will be bred next week and will be due early July.

Posted on Apr 27, 2021  in General 
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Piper had her xray this am and she is having 9 babies.   She is here now awaiting their arrival.

Posted on Jan 27, 2021  in General 
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Busy Winter coming

 Moxie had 7 pups, Piper is due in 3 weeks and Sami due for her final litter in 6 weeks. 

It is going to be crazy busy at Southern Maine Labradoodles for the next 5 months.



Posted on Dec 12, 2020  in General 
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Poppi is having babies today

We had a long and sleepless night. She put herself into the whelping room at 7 pm and got into the whelping box.  No signs of contractions, just lots of licking.  Her water started leaking around 11 and continued thru the night.  She was resting good between bouts of licking like crazy. I gave her some Stella and Chewy's Lamb meal mix ins around 5. She started pushing at 5:30.

5:40am  Boy (blue collar)

she worked a harder for pup 2

6:10  Boy (red collar)

6:22  Boy (yellow collar)

6:52  Boy (Green collar)

oh boy! Lets hope the next two are girls.

7:04  Boy (black collar)

Well I hope all the families are okay with boys, because boys it is. 1 more to go.

7:25 boy  (brown collar)

Poppi's last litter she had 4 boys and this time 6. So I guess she can't make girl babies.

momma and babies are resting and doing great.

Posted on Oct 27, 2020  in General 
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Maggie has delivered

Maggie started labor last night. All day I could tell it was coming. Then around 8 she tried to go under a small end table, so we headed to the nursery. She panted and could not get comfortable. I put a pillow pet on the floor and Mags literally was hugging it. Had her head on it and paws wrapped over it, with her belly in the gap between the pillow and the floor.  We didnt sleep at all, she was so uncomfortable.  First pup arrived at 3:05am, girl (pink) 10.2 oz. Noisey little thing. Nice rest. 3:49 girl, (purple)10.4oz.  4:03 boy (blue) 10.4 oz.  4:45 boy (green) 11.2 oz. 5:10 boy (orange) 12.8 oz.  5:35. Girl (red) 

Maggie`s human momma was here for the delivery. It was wonderful to have her here experiencing the birth. After all pups were born she ate,  drank water, I cleaned the whelping box, bathed maggie`s bottom and got everything clean. Left Mags, my daughter brought me breakfast then went back in the nursery  and took a 3 hour nap. Fed her again and gave them a fresh blanket. Momma and babies are doing great.

Posted on Sep 15, 2020  in General 
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Puppies next week

Maggie has her xray on Thursday afternoon to get a puppy count. (she is having 6) Can't wait to find out how many she is having. Fingers crossed. Also Poppi will have her sonogram to confirm pregnancy the week of September 21st. Its going to be a busy Fall here. I cannot wait. Love puppy time.

Posted on Sep 8, 2020  in General 
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Fall puppies com

Maggie is due September 15th and her litter is sold. Poppi will have pups in 9 weeks. I will reaching out to those who are on our list for Fall puppies. We are so excited for Maggie's first litter and Poppi's second litter. I have been without puppies for 2 months and miss the cuteness and joy they bring. Now waiting for Piper to join the girls. Fingers crossed she waits until September.

Posted on Aug 19, 2020  in General 
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Fall puppies

Maggie has been bred to Gunner. They honeymooned a week ago. This puts pups due September 14th. We will confirm pregnancy in 3 weeks. Looking forward to new babies.

While we have been puppy free we have installed a new exterior door in the puppy room. Next we are putting down a new floor.  

Posted on Jul 25, 2020  in General 
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